The Roof Is On Fire! NOT!

Wood Shake RoofThe National Interagency Fire Center reported nine major fires on the 3rd of August in six different states. These wildfires consumed 25,208 acres of land. These out of control wildfires drove several thousands of people out of their homes and caused extensive damage to property. Hot, dry weather and strong gusts of wind contributed to the intensity of the wildfires.

Perhaps, a major part of the blame for the fast spread of the fires could be attributed to the roofing most of the houses caught in the wildfire were made of. Natural shakes and shingles are highly combustible and upon catching fire, pieces of the roof fly around leading to a fire in the adjoining establishment. So whether you live in one of the wildfire prone areas or if you don't, fire resistant roofing, like DaVinci's Green Roofs Sustainable, is the way to go, if occurrences of this sort are to be avoided.

Made from 100 percent virgin resins, DaVinci Plastic Roofing Materials are highly fire and wind resistant, having been awarded the highest ratings possible for both. These polymers have fire retardant substances integrated in them and also carry UV and color stabilizers, thus withstanding the changing climate for decades.

Investing in a DaVinci roofing product pays you back manifolds, in terms of being maintenance free, lasting for decades and inviting insurance premium discounts offered by several insurance companies. Install DaVinci roofing and sit and watch the proverbial ‘roof over your head’ perform its function relentlessly.

Interested in buying a DaVinci Plastic Slate Roof or a Synthetic Cedar Shake roof? Get in touch with a DaVinci product specialist.

If you’ve had a wildfire experience with your roof, which you’d like to share with us, please leave a comment below.

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