The Saga Of The Vanquished Hurricane

There are very few man made things that can withstand the fury of a hurricane and most of them owe their resistance to their heaviness. DaVinci polymer roofing, however, have been tested to withstand Class 5 hurricane force wind.

Cedar Roof ShinglesHurricanes are normally associated with flying debris and strong winds, not to mention the wreckage they cause. Houses depend on the roof to shield them from this onslaught, a dependence which is often misplaced. The roof, especially if it is of natural shake or slate, is either blown away or wears a badly battered look.

Enter DaVinci's fake slate and fake shake roofs. All our products have been tested for the highest standards in impact and wind resistance. Once our luxury roofing adorns your house, you can rest back and come hurricane or wildfire; your roof will stand proud, even as others around it succumb.

Tested by Underwriter Laboratories’ exacting standards, our products exiting our plant can resist wind speeds of up to 175 mph and have impact resistance rating of Class 4, the highest possible awarded. This ensures that your DaVinci shingles will stay put on your roof and be able to resist any debris upon impact.

Ensure the safety of your home and hearth with DaVinci Roofscapes.

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