The Ups and Downs of a Cedar Shake Roof

DaVinci Roofscapes Mountain BlendTiles made from split cedar logs are known as "shake" and have been used on roofs in northern parts of the globe for centuries. The advantages that come with using this roofing material include:

  • Insect Resistance: Cedar is frequently used for storing clothing, cigars, and other items that insects like to consume. This same concept is applied to roofs, and helps to keep beetles and other bugs away that might otherwise bore into the roof.
  • Durability: Cedar is a tough wood that stands up to the elements and sheds water (especially when treated with materials for this purpose).
  • Appearance: Tiles made from split cedar lend a classic, antique look to homes and other structures.

However, there are a couple of disadvantages involved with using natural cedar as a roofing material:

  • Fire: The fire rating for cedar is much lower than that of polymer roofing materials. This is probably the biggest disadvantage of using natural cedar tiles.
  • Cost: Natural shake made from cedar costs much more than in the past when people made their own shake by splitting cedar logs in the backyard.

To learn about a shake alternative that has a high fire rating and is more durable than natural cedar while retaining the same classic look of a cedar roof,  contact DaVinci Roofscapes today by email or calling 1-800-328-4624.

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