Top 5 DaVinci Reader Favorites for 2011

Red Brick Houses with Synthetic SlateAs we say goodbye to 2011, we thought everyone may enjoy looking back on our reader's favorite articles for this past year. From learning more about our Class A fire rating to choosing the best roof colors for your roof, there is plenty of information in these pages to help our customers better understand the strength, durability and beauty of DaVinci roof tiles.

Class Ratings for Roofs – this post discussed the differences between Class A and C fire ratings and offered a video to visually show the difference between the fire resistance of DaVinci Shake and natural 15 year old cedar shakes.

Finding Front Door Colors – our readers learned how front door colors can complement roof color choices.

Roof Colors for Brick Homes – plenty of pictures of bricks and tile roof color combinations.

What Class Impact Rating Means – explains the meaning of Class 4 impact ratings and includes demonstration video of impact testing on our designer roof products.

Red Brick Houses with Synthetic Slate – Our fifth favorite of 2011 further illustrates the brick and slate color combinations that truly make buildings stand out from the rest.

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