Top 5 Most Popular Tile Roofs Posts

Top 5 or Top 10 lists are not just for Letterman anymore.  If you are wondering where the most valuable information here is, we’ve got it all compiled in one handy little list to help you create the designer roof of your dreams.

1.  Finding the right color for your door.  Focal points are not just for living rooms anymore.  When you are thinking of choosing cedar roofing, you may be surprised at how important color selection is, right down to the first impression in your front door.

2.  Navigating the difference in classes.  There are a lot of specifications involved in shake tile roof selection.  What is the difference between a Class A fire rating and a Class C fire rating?  Find out here which one is the best, and which ones DaVinci uses.
3.  Matching roof color to brick homes. Color selection is a big step when it comes to choosing slate roofs.  Follow this step by step guide that shows you how to merge your classic brick look with contemporary tile selections.

4.  Expert advice on how to pick the best shades.  Still not sure about what colors are best? Upload some of your exterior pics and drop us a note, our color experts are waiting to help!

5.  What’s an impact rating?  Roof hail damage a concern? Impact damage to your roof of any kind a concern? Find out here how stellar our impact testing is and put those concerns to bed!

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