Top Questions to Ask Your Roofing Contractor

You have sifted through home magazines and websites for hours to finally choose a beautiful roof for your dream house. You are both mentally and financially ready to bring your dream to life. The only thing left to do is select a contractor that will install your DaVinci Roof. To assist you with that selection, here is a list of essential questions you can ask your potential roofing contractors.

Green Roofing Options1.    What kinds of types of roofing products do you install?

Learning about their roofing abilities will help you hire a suitable contractor for your job. They may have expertise in new roofs or re-roofs, or even both. They might be more comfortable with certain kinds of roofing materials like simulated shake roofing or slate roofing materials. Also, you'll want to explore installation costs and other pricing.

2.  Can you provide a list of references with addresses?

Ask for references. Talk to these customers and and go see the work for yourself. Find out if the homeowner is pleased with how the job was handled and if they were pleased with the end result.

3. Do you have your own crews or do you subcontract out?

It's important to know if the guy selling you the roof will be the guy that's on your roof. When a subcontractor is used, the contractor you talked to may or may not be involved in the installation and the sub-contractor may have a different methods than the contractor. Be sure you get the name and references for the sub-contractor. This way you can see the work they have done and you won't have any surprises.

4.    What is your payment schedule?

Many contractors prefer the pay-as-you-go policy. They like to receive partial payments as the process undergoes. However, you want avoid any contractor who wants to receive full payment before commencing.

5.    Are you licensed and insured?

In many states contractors should possess a state-issued license and local home building license. Also, the company should carry an insurance liability on a general basis. Contact the insurance company to make sure the certificates are current and in good standing. Some neighborhood associations require that you get a permit to re-roof too, so check with your city and your contractor to know what you need to have lined up.

To get an overview of the contractor’s business and behavior, you can also read customer reviews that might be online.

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