Truck Load of DaVinci Slate Headed your way!

1 Pallet of DaVinci Multi-Width Castle GrayIt isn't often that the owners of our products have the opportunity to check out how the product leaves our plant and travels across country to its' final destination. 

As a result, today we decided to take some photos, so that you could check out how the fake slate is shipped.

Most of our plastic roofing materials are shipped via truck. Of course, there are times when it is shipped via rail, but most of the time that's because it is headed to a port to be loaded on a cargo ship for its trip across the Atlantic or the Pacific Ocean.

We load our imitation slate shingles onto a pallet (see photo) - each bundle is secured and then when they are stacked on the pallet, they are then plastic wrapped for their trip across the country to their final destination.  This shipment in particular was headed to New Jersey.

DaVinci Imitation Slate Shingles on a truckThere are 30 shingles per bundle, and 1440 shingles per pallet - so if we're talking about field shingles, then there are 48 bundles of shingles on this pallet.  And then if you go by truckload - we can fit 34,560 shingles on a truck or 24 pallets or 1152 bundles of field tiles per truckload. That's a whole lot of shingles!

An entire truckload of our shingles weighs approximately 44,928 lbs.  That's a heavy load - but not as heavy of a load that a truckload of natural slate would be.

If you are interested in getting our shingles installed on your home or building, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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