True to Earth Plastic Roofing

As more homeowners think about getting back to basics and using materials for home construction that are ecofriendly, the idea of using sustainable roofing techniques for the home really becomes important to satisfy this new environmental awareness. The idea of being true to earth in both construction techniques and materials is extremely popular, and our roofs give you an opportunity to utilize state of the art co-polymer materials that are very true to their natural counterparts of slate and wood shingles.

simulated shake roofingOur slate tiles have all the appearance of real slate since they are modeled after the stone’s form and then hand finished to provide a true craftsman touch to the tile. The roof is so similar to slate, in fact, that its coarse surface and rough edging gives all the feel and look of the natural material. One of the main differences is that the DaVinci slate is can be thicker than the natural version.

Like our slate roofing, the simulated shake roofing that we produce has the same authentic qualities as natural wood shingles. Its color reflects the deep texture similar to rough hewn wood, and when you see it on a roof; you will have a tough time telling a traditional wood shingle from our cedar shake alternative. 

The advantages of utilizing our slate and shake roofing far outweighs using the natural materials in key areas such as maintenance, durability and cost effectiveness. Visit our online site to learn more about how our environmentally friendly roofing materials will beautify and protect your home.

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