Understanding the Differences in Shake Roofing Materials

When it comes to shake shingles, the selection can seem pretty overwhelming.  Should you go with synthetic shake singles or natural shake singles?  When you are choosing shingles, Cedar Shake Alternativeas a homeowner, the key things you will have in mind are appearance and performance.  Let’s break down the difference between synthetic shake shingles and natural shake shingles using those variables.

1.  Appearance.  This is a high priority for homeowners, as you want an authentic look.  Naturally, natural shingles will give you the most authentic look hands down, but at DaVinci, our production process will always leave you with an authentic look no matter which way you go. Each of our color blends is composed with subtle nuances to enhance the authentic look of your finished product.

2. Performance is another factor you will be considering.  This is where synthetic products will rank higher given the nature of our Class A fire rating standards.  You want shingles that are going to meet high fire retardance, wind resistance, impact resistance, and are virtually maintenance free and color fade resistant.  Natural shingles are great for resisting impact, but are not so maintenance free or color fade resistant.  All DaVinci products will meet the standards you are looking for in performance.

Of course there are many factors you will take into consideration when it comes to roofing materials.  Performance and appearance are the two number one things homeowners consider.  At DaVinci, we take out the guesswork and our products speak for themselves.

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