Unique Uses for DaVinci Synthetic Roofing Material

Shopping for DaVinci synthetic roofing material presents quite a few choices for property owners. Choosing between shake or slate roof tiles and then the basically limitless color options opens up shoppers to the many styles and options available with our environmentally friendly roof.

Aside from the practical purposes of covering the rooftop of your home or commercial building, our tile product can serve another mission entirely. Our roofs will bring plenty of joy to children’s faces when used as a rooftop for playhouses!

And for those without little ones running under foot, DaVinci tiles work wonderfully well on outside ancillary buildings such as utility sheds, garages and lofts so that those buildings match the home roof as well. With the added value of wind, impact and fire resistance, outbuildings on any property will benefit from the additional protection our roof tiles provide.

Here are a few pictures of other client’s successes with using our roofing materials on their play houses and work sheds. If you have used our product on a playhouse or outbuilding, be sure to visit our Share Your Masterpiece or Facebook page and share your experience with comments and pictures for everyone to enjoy.

Stylish Playhouse – this small backyard bungalow is suitable as a child’s playhouse, separate office or even a yoga/workout room. With its slate roof and inviting red door, plenty of kids and adults will find it quite enchanting.
Lightweight roofing solutions for playhouses

Here’s the side view showing the complementary style and coloring our roofing provides:
Lightweight Roofing Solutions for Playhouses

Workshop or Office – This steep roofed building is seems custom made just for our tiles. Whether used as an office or workshop, we think you’ll agree the tiling stands right out while fitting in at the same time.
Steep Slope Roofing

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