Using Shake Shingles as Siding

Many DaVinci clients find creative ways to use our synthetic shake roofing. From outfitting Multi-Width Shake, Tahoe Blendplayhouses, gazebos and ancillary buildings to special roofing projects like steep roofs and turrets, our shake shingles bring beauty and long lasting protection to just about anything they cover.

Something not often considered but now becoming popular is using our shake shingles as siding on homes and commercial buildings. Regular cedar shakes have often been used as siding despite the fact that they require heavy maintenance to keep their appearance including tile replacement and frequent painting.

Not so with DaVinci roof tiles. The beauty of our product goes way beyond just good looks. Our cedar shake alternative is engineered from virgin polymers constructed to weather whatever Mother Nature sends its way. Their tough durability keeps them protecting property roof and walls. Add in the fact that they come with so many color choices, and the look of natural shake is pretty much a given wherever they are placed.

Multi-Width Shake, Autumn BLendFor a fresh, innovative way to spruce up your home’s exterior, consider the beauty and durability of our shake shingles. With fire, wind and impact resistance, your walls and roof will enjoy many years of good looks and protection. Contact us to learn more about roof and siding options for building.

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