Ward off the Hurricanes

Hurricane WindsIf you are located in one of those areas where hurricanes are frequent visitors, the number of times you might have to repair your roof is really anyone's guess. Your roof is the sole entity, besides the proverbial four walls of your house, guarding your possessions from falling to the mercy of the strong winds and rain that come with hurricanes.

What are you doing to ensure that the roof adorning the crown of your house retains its functionality in the face of these hurricanes? Do your shingles end up as damaged as the pots in your yard during a storm? If yes, then its time you switched gears. Look towards other options that can offer you better protection, and save the cost and trouble required for constant roofing repairs. That's where Synthetic shake shingles from DaVinci can help you.

All of our polymer roofing products are tested for impact and wind resistance, which means that each time you buy DaVinci shakes or slates, you can be rest assured that come hurricane, wind, hail, snow or rain, your roof can weather it all and still retain that “good-as-new” look.

Also, we, at DaVinci, believe that aesthetics should not be compromised at the cost of functionality. So, though synthetic, our shakes and slates retain the natural appearance and at the same time you are given a whole array of color blends to choose from. You could also choose to have a custom coloration done.

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