What are Contractors Saying about DaVinci?

Contractors who work with our polymer roof tiles regularly know them fairly well. Several contractors have taken the time to sit down and talk with us about their experience working with our tiles. If you are interested in learning about our products from people who install them frequently, we regularly publish interviews with these contractors on our blog. Below are just a few interviews.

Stacy Stines of Stacy Stines Roofing has talked with us several times and shares "Half of the roofs I install these days are polymer shake or slate products.The benefits are so tremendous for these low-maintenance roofing materials that there are entire communities in our North Carolina mountains that mandate replacement roofs all be made of fire-resistant polymer material."  Read Stacy's Interview, Recent Press Release, and Project Profile.


Shawn Bellis of Epic Exteriors works with our polymer tiles often. "They have the most authentic slate appearance among the synthetic varieties.  Other things I like about DaVinci include pre collated bundles, color blends already decided, ease of installation,final look and appearance, and being local we take advantage of DaVinci's recycling effort frequently."

As well, Shawn has talked with us on many occasions. Read Shawn's Interview, Recycling Experience, and Project Profile.



Mark White of Northrup Remodeling says "I like that DaVinci has come up with a solution in providing an impeccable look with outstanding durability, this is a product that we can install with complete confidence. When we walk away from a DaVinci job we understand that we have just provided our homeowner with a roofing solution that will provide a beautiful classic look with a 50-year warranty that we can stand behind." Read Full Interview


Stella Amador of Florida Quality Roofing also likes working with our products. "Our crew responded to the product in a unique way, they felt more like artisans since the quality of the product and aesthetics far exceed the everyday roofing product. In the end, there was a sense of added satisfaction to their work."  Read Stella's Interview and Project Profile.


Do you own a DaVinci roof? Please send us your photos to share on our blog! To learn more about how DaVinci Roofscapes products can beautify and protect your home, contact us by email or calling 1-800-328-4624 today.

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