What are Ice Dams? Can I Prevent Them?

Lightweight Roofing SolutionsIn colder climates, roofs can be bombarded with challenges posed by winter weather. Tiles have to be tough enough to withstand freeze/thaw cycles, able to hold heavy loads of snow and ice, and ideally should be outfitted with snowguards to prevent dangerous roof avalanches. As well, roofs can fall victim to something called an ice dam.

Ice damming occurs when snow melts from heat loss in the attic causing the water to run down the roof and then re-freeze on the of the edge of the roof (eave), thus stopping water from properly draining off into the gutters. Often this causes water to back up onto the roof and can lead to a roof leak. Ice dams are more likely to occur on structures with poorly insulated or ventilated attics during very cold weather. To help reduce the chance of an ice dam forming on your roof, make sure your attic is well insulated and vented to keep the attic temperature closer to the outside temperature.

While DaVinci tiles are not waterproof, use of the proper peel and stick membrane on the bottom of the roof will help make areas where ice damming occurs water-tight. For more information on ice dams, click here.

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