What Are Snowguards and Why Are They Necessary?

If you live in a part of the country that experiences heavy snowfall, you are probably well aware of the Lightweight Roofing Systemsthudding sounds of snow falling off the roof as it starts to melt. Although you probably avoid areas underneath the eaves of your home as snow is melting and falling off, you may not be fully aware of the true danger posed by roof avalanches. When the load of snow on a roof accumulates to the point of crashing down all at once, it can injure people who happen to be standing underneath.

One way to prevent roof avalanches from happening is using snowguards. These are small, sturdy accessories or anchors that help to keep snow in place so it can gradually melt and drain into the gutters instead of crashing off the roof in huge, dangerous slabs. It's a good idea to install snowguards on roofs in any place that experiences snow because they are the easiest and best way to keep you, your family, and visitors safe from snow slides and roof avalanches.

Interested in snowguards or want to read more on their benefits, visit the Rocky Mountain Snowguards website.

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