What Are Snowguards And Why Do They Matter?

luxury roof from davinciWhile the pristine beauty of snow can be mesmerizing, it can also do great harm.  Snow that accumulates on your roof top can fall down as a big sheet of ice, causing grave danger to people or objects (like bushes, trees or vehicles) below.

Snow guards offer valuable protection to your house and help prevent the snow from sliding down simulated slate roofing. Snow guards by Alpine Snowguards help to keep the snow in place, till the time, it can melt and get dispersed in a systematic manner.

Snow guards come in various sizes, shapes and colors (to blend in with your roof) and are normally made from polycarbonate or metal materials, which are strong and weather resistant. They can be easily installed by a roofing contractor and on almost any roofing material including asphalt shingles and fake slate roofs.

Over time, snow guards are a cost effective way to protect your family and friends from the potential dangers of sudden snowfall from the roof.  In fact, snow guards are a very small investment, which will help to protect your property. Your roof must be inspected before snow guards are installed and you'll want to get an expert's opinion. This is necessary so that a roofer can ascertain whether your roof is strong enough to bear the weight of snow on it until it melts.

Wondering if roofing snow guards are appropriate for your home?  Contact our customer service department and they'll get you in touch with an expert in your area that'll have the answer.


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