What Does Class C Fire Rating for Roofs Mean?

Building roofs are rated for fire resistance based on accepted standards defined by the ASTM E 108 Standard.

Fire resistance testing for tile roofs involves checking how the material responds to intermittent flame, spreading of flame and burning brand ignition. These three testing methods confer an ASTM E 108 rating of either A, B or C based on the performance of a tile assembly. .

The three classes are defined as:
  • Class A fire rating – The best rating for roofing. It means that the material is able to withstand heavy exposure to fire from sources outside of the building.
  • Class B fire rating – The roof material can withstand moderate fire exposure from source origins outside of the building.
  • Class C fire rating – Roofing tiles or shingles rated C are only able to withstand very light exposure to fire sources originating from outside a building.
When choosing from all available roofing materials on the market today, property owners and contractors should always choose the highest rating available. All DaVinci roofing tiles can be installed as part of a class A roofing assembly so you can rest assured that our tiles have met rigorous safety standards for protecting your investment. Learn more about how our tiles can protect your property by exploring our site and then submitting your questions online to our customer support team.

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