What Is a Class C Fire Rating?

Synthetic Slate CostA house fire is one of the most devastating things that can happen to someone. In a matter of minutes, a fire can turn your cozy home into a charred shell. If you and your loved ones are fortunate enough to escape with your lives, you are then left with the reality of losing your treasured home along with all of your possessions. It's a terrifying, humbling experience that no one should have to go through, but at least there are many ways to prevent such a tragedy from happening.

The threats posed by fire have been an essential concern ever since people started living in houses. It has influenced the types of materials used in construction and construction regulations for hundreds of years. In modern times, scientific techniques have made it possible to create a fire-rating system for roofing materials. For this reason, a fire-rating is provided in the description of both wooden materials and synthetic shake.

Roofing tiles can earn one of three main ratings that range from "A" to "C". If you see a box of roofing tiles with a class C rating, this means that the material in question can withstand a 1" by 1" burning brand when it is placed directly on the shingle. This also means that such materials cannot withstand the heat of a 12" by 12" burning brand. With class C rated materials, a 12" by 12" brand burns right through or ignites the bottom of the deck. This is a far cry from Class A materials (such as synthetic shake by DaVinci Roofscapes) that can withstand the heat of a 12" by 12" burning brand.

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