What is Impact Resistant Roofing?

Plastic Slate Roof Saves Your Roof From HailHail pounds your normal shake and shingle roof and ten minutes later the roof is damaged beyond repair. This indicates the inability of the roof to withstand the impact of hail. We, normally, ignore or try not to associate the summer months with summer showers and hailstorms, but they cannot be overlooked in the face of warm sunbaths and cool lemonades.

But help is at hand, DaVinci’s Synthetic Roofing Material has been tested to endure the standards set by Underwriters Laboratories, a safety testing organization, for impact resistance and has been declared as Class 4. Many might not know what this rating indicates and those who do will appreciate the amount of effort that goes into achieving a Class 4 impact rating. A Class 4 Impact rating indicates the highest resistance to onslaught of hail stones.

Our Sustainable Roofing ensures safety of your family and household goods. No more harried calls to the roofer or your insurance company. Enjoy a peaceful cup of coffee as hail bounces off your roof. Besides ensuring safety, having DaVinci Green Roofing Materials also helps keep your money where it belongs, in your wallet. This is because, insurance companies offer premium discounts to those with impact resistant roofing and the better the rating, higher the discount. And you can't get better than Class 4!

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