What Shape is Your 50 Year Roof?

Roofs come in a wide variety of shapes that have been designed to effectively shelter structures, easily funnel off rain and snow, or help with a building's energy efficiency. Some of the most common roof shapes include:

  • Gambrel: A type of roof commonly used in the Netherlands, it has two slopes on each side of the house. The lower slope is steeper while the upper slope allows for more storage space in the top part of the structure. It's very similar to the "Mansard" roof but it hangs over the facade and has vertical gable ends.
  • Pyramid: As befits the name of this roof, it has four equal sides and is thus shaped like a pyramid. It's typically found on small structures such as a garage or one or two parts of a large house.
  • Hip: Much more common than the pyramid roof, it also has four sides but instead of them coming to the same point at the top of the roof, they slope up to a central ridge or flat area.
  • Cedar Shake AlternativeArched roof: This type of roof forms a rounded arch and is usually seen on garages or entranceways.

What type of roof do you have? Does it use DaVinci Roofscapes polymer roof tiles? Please tell about your roof in the comments!

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