What's the Rage for Synthetic Slate Roof Shingles?

DaVinci Slate in AspenDue to shows on HGTV and TLC, restoration is the new and hip thing to do.  We are pleased that it is, after all, restoration is one of the more eco-friendly things that a homeowner can do.

Homeowners of older homes soon find, however, that keeping their home's original slate roof is cost prohibitive.  In other words, it might be time for their original slate roof to be replaced and when they look into the cost of replacing it with slate, it becomes cost prohibitive.

While asphalt and composition shingles are less expensive, they do not offer the same architectural detail and aesthetic value that a slate roof does for the home. 

The solution?  Synthetic slate roof shingles!

With this new slate alternative, homeowners are able to have the look of slate at a lower cost and a lower weight.  And with a 50-year warranty, why wouldn't a homeowner want to go with the alternative?

DaVinci Slate, for example, is about the same weight as asphalt shingles, so there is no need to beef of the roof rafters to make sure that it can hold the weight of the slate roof shingles.

Do you have a historic preservation committee in your neighborhood and would like to present DaVinci as an alternative for slate?  If so, please contact one of our customer service representatives to get a sample and some product material or simply phone us now at 1-800-328-4624.

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