What's Up With The Back Of DaVinci's Shingles?

DaVinci Slate ShingleIf you've seen one of our individual shingles, you may be wondering why it looks so unique on the back.  We get questions about the design of the back of our shingle all the time.  We love to answer your questions, as it always helps us explain why DaVinci imitation slate shingles work so well on your roof.

Don't worry, there's method to our madness!  The back of our manufactured slate tile has an engineered ribbing structure.  This structure is crucial to the longevity of the shingle because our unique ribbing structure ensures that your roofing tiles will resist bending, warping or curling when installed correctly.

Having the peace of mind that you will have a 50 year slate tile roof that is maintenance free and worry-free will put you at ease and only DaVinci Roofscapes brings this engineered ribbing structure to the synthetic slate market.

Worried about how the shingle will look when it is cut?  There's no need!  We have tricks and techniques so that the ribbing structure never has to be exposed.  Your roofing contractor will have a copy of our installation guide to make sure there isn't a shingle exposed on your roof.  If there is something odd about your roof's structure that isn't covered in our installation guide - your roofer can always get in touch with our technical department to answer any questions or concerns they might have.  Of course, if you are still concerned, we also sell a solid accessory piece for those areas where you don't like the ribbing structure exposed.

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