When Does a Roof Need Repair?

luxury roof from davinciWhen does a roof need repair? This is a question which most roof owners tend to grapple with at some point in time. The answer to this will help avoid unnecessary expenditure, which could arise due to further damage to the roof.

  • The exterior of the roof has the most visible sign that the roof is damaged and needs to be replaced or repaired. You can examine the roof for missing shingles or loose roof tiles. If these are repaired at regular intervals, you can save on replacing the entire roof.
  • Check the ceiling of your house. If the roof shingles are damaged, there is a possibility that it's leaking and the first signs of damage sometime appear on the ceiling of your home or building. 
  • If your roof is a wood shake roof, you will need to lookout for warping. If the wood used in making roofing materials is young it will tend to warp faster and can get damaged due to hail.
  • Natural slate tiles tend to get broken or crack. A synthetic slate tile roof is more durable and tends to last longer.
  • Most roofing materials are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and tend to last more than 25 years on an average. But if they are exposed to extreme weather on a prolonged basis, they tend to get damaged and need to be repaired.
  • If the shingles have a worn out appearance, it is an indication that the roof needs to be repaired or replaced.

Of course, a roofing contractor is the best person to judge whether or not it is time for you to replace your roof with an eco friendly roof like DaVinci.  Do you have questions?  Please contact our customer service department with any questions you have.

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