When Does My Shake Shingle Roof Need Replacement

shake shingle roofIf you have a shake shingle roof, you may be wondering how you can tell when it needs a replacement.  If your shake shingle roof is curling or individual shingles tend to fly off even in moderate winds, it is an indication that your roof needs to be replaced.

Water damage inside your home or building is most often a sign that the roof needs to be replaced. Shake shingles may also tend to crack or break or become damaged due to age. The older the roof is the more likely it is to be damaged.

If moisture is absorbed by the underlayment, which is under the shingles, it will start rotting. This is quite common in organic based shingles and needs to be replaced immediately.

If you have spots on the ceiling, it's an indication of a roof leak and you will need to check the roof for damaged shingles.

Buckling is caused when the old shingles are not replaced in a proper manner. When new shingles are applied over old and rough shingles, it causes wrinkled underlayment.

Algae growth on the roof causes discoloration and most people mistake it for soot or dirt. Ours are algae resistant shingles, which can be used as replacement.

If your roof shows signs of any of the above mentioned symptoms, you might need to get it replaced with a new shake shingle roof from DaVinci.  A member of our customer service department can get you in touch with a roofing contractor in your area.

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