Where Does Your Slate Roof Stand?

Luxury RoofWe, at DaVinci Roofscapes, produce quality products that not only have durability that is expected of Synthetic Slate Shingles but also sport an authentic natural feel to them, which is missing from most other synthetic slate brands.

Where does your slate roof stand in comparison with DaVinci Slate?

Here are some points of comparison between natural slate and synthetic slates from other brands with DaVinci slate:

  • DaVinci Slate retains an authentic natural look, which most other synthetic slates lack.
  • DaVinci Slates are color blended and arranged in bundles leading to ease of installation. Natural slates and other synthetic slates need to be sorted and blended at the site of installation.
  • During installation, high losses are observed for natural slates and synthetic slates from other brands. DaVinci Slate is highly durable and resists breakage during installation.
  • DaVinci Slates are fire, wind, impact and freeze/thaw resistant. Moreover, synthetic slates made from fibrous cement cannot withstand cold conditions.
  • Once you've installed DaVinci Slate, you can be rest assured for decades before a need to change roof arises - 50 years to be exact.  Natural slates, however, would require repeated repairs and installations.

What does your roof sport: Natural slate, synthetic slate from a different brand or DaVinci Slates?

When you choose DaVinci Slate for your roof, you'll enjoy not only our 50 year warranty they come with, but also their durability, economical cost and aesthetic appeal.

If you are interested in any DaVinci product, get in touch with a DaVinci product specialist.

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