Who Can Install DaVinci Polymer Roofing?

While do it yourself projects can be a fun family project, there are some tasks that are better left to professionals. While our DaVinci lightweight roofing materials are easy to install, it is Plastic Roofing Materialsalways best to use a professional roofer for proper roofing installation of our polymer roofing.
If a roofing professional carefully installs the roof according to the DaVinci Roofscapes Installation Instructions, the home or business owner can be rest assured he/she will have great looking roof that performs well.

While DaVinci doesn’t require installers to be certified, property owners will want to use an experienced roofer for this important project. When it comes to finding an experienced roofing contractor, your local roofing distributor is a good source for finding roofers for our composite slate or shake tiles. Distributors have an understanding of how roofers in your area are doing in the marketplace, and whether they are paying their bills. If a roofing company pays their bills, it is a usually a good indication they are reliable. Home Improvement Helpers offers valuable tips online about what to ask a roofing contractor when receiving an estimate.

Something that every property owner must do when using a roofing installer is to require a certificate of liability insurance and workers compensation insurance coverage. Should the contractor subcontract out the work, you will want to also make sure that your roofer is added as an additional insured to the subcontractors policy so that whether the roofing contractor or subcontracting crew have an insurable event, you will be protected. Both contractors and subcontractors will supply certificates of insurance on request so make sure they are in hand prior to starting installation.

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