Who Says Slate Shingles only come in Boring Colors?

Some folks have the mistaken idea that just three or four colors are possible with slate roofs. That belief probably stems from only noticing such roofs in the same, expected shades of gray. In other words, some people only notice roofs like that because that is what they expect to see. However, as any roofer experienced with slate knows, slate materials come in a huge array of colors, especially when dealing with polymer products.

Although natural slate can be rather limited when it comes to color, tiles fabricated from beautiful, durable resins are available in so many colors that it can be tough to decide upon a shade or blend of colors to use. DaVinci Roofscapes helps in this regard by not only offering slate tiles and shakes in colors such as "green stone", "light violet", and "dark terracotta", but by also providing an easy tool for picking dozens of color blends. While you can certainly have a roof with just one color, blends suggested by the DaVinci color studio make it easy to turn the roof of your home or business into a strikingly beautiful, uniquely patterned structure.

To learn more about how DaVinci Roofscapes products blend durability with beauty, contact DaVinci Roofscapes by email or calling 1-800-328-4624 today.

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