Why Are DaVinci Products Not Made From Recycled Material?

As the manufacturer of the best eco friendly roofing shingles, it comes as a surprise to many that we use 100% virgin resin to make our fake slate and shake roofing tiles. It is only logical that we should use plastic to make our green luxury roof shingles.

imitation slate shinglesHowever, there are reasons that prompt us to stick to 100% virgin resin and not switch to recycled materials:

1. There is no guarantee that recycled materials when used to make shingles, will be able to give a fully functional DaVinci shingle. In other words, it might not be able to resist freeze-thaw and curling.

2. We have no control over what the recycled products consist of. Because of this, the final product ends up being inconsistent and of a lower grade than what was initially intended. This can results in substandard roofing and many roofs have to be consequently replaced.

We want nothing but the best for our customers and hence stick to 100% virgin resins. This does not mean that DaVinci does not recycle at all. In fact, any excess material from the manufacturing process are recycled for use in our starter tiles. Also, just because DaVinci does not use recycled products on a large scale does not decrease our eco-friendly stand. Our whole manufacturing process is directed at producing high quality eco-friendly products. All our products are 100% recyclable and the 50-year warranty keeps waste from clogging landfills.

Get a green roof – get DaVinci! If you have any queries, our customer service department will gladly help you out. Already got DaVinci polymer roofing products installed? Leave a comment to tell us how you like it!

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