Why Are DaVinci Roofing Products Made Of Plastic?

Plastic, in general, is looked down upon. It isn’t uncommon to find people who consider plastics “cheap”. And yet so many things we use in daily life are made of plastics. Some of the most long lasting products are made of plastic. Water is normally stored in plastic containers. Most plumbing pipes in homes are made of polymers. Plastic wraps and the seals of casseroles are all plastics. Why not roofing?

Composite SlateThere are many reasons that qualify plastic as “the” material for DaVinci luxury roof shingles. If you have a look around the DaVinci website, you’ll notice the king of possibilities our imitation slate shingles present. Have a look at our Masterpiece Gallery and you will be greeted with the best there is in roofing.

Plastic has many advantages. It is durable and versatile. Its versatility lends it to the making of different color blends and different intricately designed synthetic shake shingles. Additionally, plastics are far more environment friendly than natural roofing options. There are no trees that need to be cut down when you choose to opt for synthetic shingles and since plastics last for a long time, DaVinci polymer roofing products do not clog landfills.

Another advantage plastic has over other possible materials that could be made into slates and shakes is its recyclability. We recycle all those tiles that do not meet our final specs. You can send scraps from your installation site to our factory for recycling.

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