Why are DaVinci Roofs Green?

DaVinci SlateSome folks might think that a green roof only encompasses those roofs that are covered with plants and soil and are planted over a waterproof membrane.

However, a green roof can also be a product that aids our environment in some way or another.  DaVinci Roofs, for example, are green roofs sustainable.

Why are DaVinci Roofs Green?

We use "green" technology with our cool colors that have solar thermal collectors.  DaVinci plastic roofing materials are also green because they are 100% recyclable, increase the lifespan of some of their natural counterparts and many of our customers have reported that DaVinci shingles have reduced their heating and cooling bills.  

When you choose a DaVinci roof over wood shakes, trees are saved.  Natural slate roofs consume large amounts of labor a fuel due to the quarrying process.  Not to mention, the big holes that quarries leave can due damage to the local ecosystem.  Additionally, up to 15% of natural slate tiles also crack or break during installation so the waste becomes even more.

To produce an asphalt roof you need a lot more oil than for a DaVinci roof. Since an asphalt roof may have to be replaced two or three times during the lifetime of a DaVinci roof, DaVinci roofs end up being greener for the environment as well solely based on the amount of space asphalt roofs take up in a landfill.

We manufacture DaVinci tiles with two different types of ThermoPlastic Olefin (TPO), organic fire retardant, proprietary color and UV stabilizers and inorganic pigments that are safe for the environment.

Want to learn more about the advantages of plastic roofing materials?  Please feel free to get in touch with one of our customer service representatives at 1-800-328-4624.

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