Why Are DaVinci Shingles Injection Molded?

Green roofing systemsInjection molding is one of several ways in which you can manufacture parts from plastic materials. All DaVinci products are produced by this method. There are logical reasons to our selection, all aimed at providing the best to our customers.

Here’s why we chose injection molding:

1. Ability to use a wide range of materials: Injection molding is one process that can be applied to a huge variety of materials. This enables us to use the best quality materials and inject the best quality fire retardants, UV stabilizers and other materials into the shingles we manufacture.

2. Wide variety of plastic part finishes and colors: This process helps us increase the variety we bring on board for our customers by allowing incorporation of different colors and details.

3. Better detailing and hence better overall look: Highly complex geometrical detailing is possible with injection molding. This is one of the reasons why our luxury roofing products look so real.

4. Minimal scrap loss: This method is significant from the environmental point of view too, since there is minimum scrap loss involved and hence less waste enters landfills.

At DaVinci, we try to incorporate the best of everything into the making of all our products. If you are interested in any of our polymer roofing products, please get in touch with our customer service department.

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