Why Are Snow guards Important?

You may be wondering why in the world we would be talking about snowguards in the middle of summer, but summer is a great time to get your snow guards installed so that you are ready for those snow storms in the winter. Snow guards

Snow guards offer valuable protection to not only the structure of your roof but also to those living in your home; when snow builds up on rooftops, it can often slide down in massive chunks, producing a thunderous noise. However, more so than the loud noise that is consequence of snow accumulation is the danger of snow falling in large amounts on passerbys or children down below.

Snow guards are beneficial to your roof mainly because they are used to prevent snow from sliding down simulated shake roofing. Snow guards by Alpine Snowguards help to keep the snow in place until it can melt and leave your roof in a timely and dispersed manner (no scary, thunderous noise from all of the snow falling at once).

Regardless of the type of roof in your home -- whether wood shake roof, imitation slate shingles, or fake cedar shake -- snowguards can easily be installed on any roof and greatly reduce the risk that the wintry months bring.

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