Why Is My Roofer Charging Me for Hip, Ridge and Starter?

DaVinci Slate in AspenThe truth is that most roofers do not break down the material costs for their customers because many homeowners do not know what hip, ridge and starter are.  And that's ok!  It's not your job to know what those things are, but without a doubt, they are needed for your new fake cedar shake roof!

1. What's a Hip Piece?

If we reference the photo to the right, then you will soon understand how this roof needs both hip and ridge.  At the very least, your roof will have ridge and starter and the field tiles (the majority of your roof is field tiles).  On the roof pictured to the right, the hip is the area where the two sloping planes come together, whereas the ridge is the very top of the roof.  In order for your home or building to be protected from the elements and also to have an aesthetically finished look, hip, ridge and starter as essential parts of it.

2. What's a Ridge Piece?

Your home's ridge is the uppermost horizontal angle. In fact, in the photo above, it appears as though the photographer was standing on the ridge of the opposing roof.  The ridge piece is an essential part because water tends to hit your roof first there and then run down the slopes.  It also tops off your roof and makes your roof look finished.

3. And Starter?

The starter course is the first layer of roofing that is applied at the bottom eave line.  Your starter tiles are always covered by the first course of shingles.

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