Why Polymer Over Asphalt?

As asphalt shingles were developed, they became much more popular than natural slate because they were much Imitation Slate Shinglescheaper while still being resistant to fire. However, despite their low cost, they have several disadvantages. Since polymer roof tiles provide a solution to the downsides of asphalt tiles, we could see this newer roofing product replacing asphalt in larger areas, especially as home and business owners realize why tiles made with polymer resins are such a good choice for their roof.

The following are some of the reasons polymer works better than asphalt on the roof:

  • Durability and life span: While asphalt products can deteriorate with weather conditions, a polymer roof can last for decades and is why our roofs come with a 50 year limited warranty.


  • Color options: Asphalt tiles can only be manufactured in so many colors. Compare this to polymer shingles that can be manufactured in just about any color possible and there really is no comparison. For example, we have 49 standard colors, can make custom-colored tiles, and colors can be blended for a nearly limitless number of color combinations.


  • Impact and wind ratings: Asphalt tiles can easily be cracked or broken by falling tree branches and take flight with high winds, our polymer tiles are developed and rated to withstand both high impacts and strong winds up to 110 mph.


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