Why Roof Ventilation is Important

DaVinci Multi Width Slate - Slate Gray - Ridge VentA building’s roof provides shelter as well as stability to its structure. Preserving the roof’s integrity is of utmost importance to the comfort and protection of those dwelling or working inside. With traditional construction there was little need for ventilation because the whole house breathed.

Modern construction and an ever increasing emphasis on reducing energy costs have increased the need for ventilation. One of the biggest changes is the use of insulated windows. When windows were single pane and before people insulated walls, and caulked every joint, the whole house breathed. What made ventilation important in the attic was when the whole house tightened up from building techniques, and humidity built up in the house from cooking and showers, etc. Since the humidity can no longer escape through the walls, it now goes into the attic.

With air restriction throughout the house a new problem develops – moisture and condensation. Proper ventilation is critical to the performance of the roof in some geographic areas.  Ventilation is just as important in winter as in summer. Even though it doesn’t seem intuitive it is more about humidity than heat.

DaVinci simulated shake and slate roof tiles provide lightweight roofing solutions to meet the needs of areas requiring extra strength and durability for extreme wind and weather conditions. Our roofs are rated Class 4 for impact test and certified up to 110 mph for wind testing. Continuous ridge vents (like the one pictured) can be incorporated with our eco friendly roof designs. Call or email us for more information.

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