Why Snowguards?

Sustainable RoofingHave you seen snowguards installed on any roof and wondered what they were for? Why would you need snowguards on your roof? After all, snow simply slides off, right? Wrong! Snow is not as harmless as it looks. And while the thought of winter brings to mind roaring fires and peaceful pristine stretches of white snow, everything about snow, especially the kind on your roof, is not innocently beautiful.

Snow tends to slide off roofs in huge chunks. Have you had many a peaceful winter nights disturbed by the thunderous noises that accompany the snow that falls off your roof? Then you would know exactly what we are talking about. Though the noise in itself maybe a nuisance, it is hardly a consideration when you think of the consequences of this sliding snow.

There might be a stranger, neighbor or your own family member standing at the exact spot where the chunk of snow falls from your roof. The injury sustained in such instances can be fatal. The very thought is enough to rob you of your peaceful winter night demeanor. This is where snowguards come in. Alpine Snowguards help retain the snow on your roof until it melts. The snow thus slides off your roof in a dispersed manner, without any risk to life or limb. These snowguards can be installed on any luxury roof, be it one of our fake slate or fake cedar shake roofs.

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