Why Synthetic Roofing Material Works Best for Severe Weather

Lightweight Roofing SolutionsSevere weather is a challenge to deal with and can be downright frightening. When the wind howls, heavy rain slashes down from ominous, dark clouds, and hail drums a threatening cadence on the roof, all you want to do is take shelter and hope for the return of a gentle breeze and sunny skies.You can't ignore severe weather because there might be a chance that a violent, huge thunderstorm turns into a deadly tornado. That snowfall could become a terrifying blizzard. The rising waters in a nearby river could break levees and flood the entire town. As rare as these events are, they do happen so it's worth it to pay attention to local forecasts and be prepared for any circumstance.

Although no roof tiles will protect you from rare floods and violent tornados, polymer roofing is going to do the best job of protecting any structure from hail and severe weather in general. The reason such roofing materials work better than natural slate, shake, and asphalt is due to technological advances in polymer resins. These advances have resulted in impact resistant and extremely tough products that have earned the highest ratings against hail and wind.

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