Why Use Snow guards?

snowguardsDid you know that snow can be extremely hazardous if it accumulates on your roof and falls down as a big sheet of ice, endangering people below?

After a snow storm, ice and snow, settle on the roof and when the sun emerges and melts the surface snow, it causes the snow to slide and you can hear a thunderous sound as the snow drops to the ground. This can be really dangerous if you have children playing outside your home.

So how do you prevent this from happening? Snow guards prevent snow and ice from suddenly sliding down the roof. This resistant system allows snow to melt slowly so that there is no danger to people or items below.

Alpine Snowguards of Morrisville, VT is a great resourse for snow guards.  They have various snow guard systems available and your roofer can recommend one based on the height, width and shape of the roof. The snow guard when installed will have the ability to hold back big blocks of ice and snow and prevent it from crashing to the ground.

If you are considering snow guards for your DaVinci eco friendly roof, you'll appreciate the fact that they are available in various colors, shapes and sizes and can easily blend with whichever of our green roofing options you choose.

If you would like to learn more about our green roof systems, please visit our website or contact our sales department

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