Why Was DaVinci Bellaforté Listed In The 100 Best New Products Of 2009?

Environmentally Friendly RoofThe September 2009 issue of Professional Builder listed DaVinci's Bellaforté roofing tiles as one of the “Best New Products of 2009” and not without reason for Bellaforté polymer roofing tiles not only have all the features that DaVinci products are known to have, which by themselves are enough to set a product apart, but they have a certain special feature that ensures the following:

1. Ease of Installation: Bellaforté plastic slate have a self aligning mechanism which not only helps align the tiles quickly; it also ensures that they are aligned accurately for a consistent look on your roof. 

2. Extra protection: The leading edge tab incorporated in Bellaforté manufactured slate tile ensures that these tiles fit together firmly and can hence resist wind forces more strongly than other roofing products.

3. No Water accumulation: Each Bellaforté snap-fit tile comes with a built-in rain gutter, which ensures that no water is retained when it rains.

These three features are in addition to DaVinci’s aesthetically and functionally inclined features. When you mix convenience with functionality, you get a product that is useful and appreciated.

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