Winter Time Rooftops Need Snow Guards

The beauty and sparkle of newly fallen snow is quickly diminished when icy snow falls from Green Roofing Options with Snowguardsyour roof in a cold, hard plop on your head while walking to your front door or garage. But a freezing scenario of falling roof top ice and snow can quickly be prevented with the simple installation of snow guards. For our synthetic roofing material, we recommend the use of snowguards to provide protection from the consequences of ice and snow falling onto people or vehicles from snowy roofs.

In fact, we have offered plenty of advice and recommendations about what snow guards do and why they are important to property owners. Take a look at three previous posts concerning these vital roof accessories for areas of the country that often find snow and ice in the weather report.

Snow Guard Retrofit – Tim Gentry blogs about customer requests for snow guard retrofitting for steep slopes and our lightweight roofing materials.

Snow Guard Importance – This post discusses why snow guards are so important for rooftops. Think safety first when it comes to tile roofs.

Why Snowguards Matter – Readers learn more about what snow guards do and why they matter for roofs during the winter season.

If you would like more information about whether snow guards are needed for your property, give our Customer Service team a call so they can help you with finding an expert in your area.

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