Wondering What Roofing Contractors Think Of Our Lightweight Roofing Systems?

Green Roofing OptionsSometimes when you are trying to make a decision about whether or not to buy a product, it is nice to get the perspective from someone that works with that product day in and day out.  We recently conducted several interviews with high-end contractors to see what they liked in particular about our lightweight roofing materials.

When talking about the installation process of our tiles, Doug Fry of Douglas Fry Roofing in Wichita, Kansas mentioned, "I like the ease of installation compared to real slate or shakes. I like the fact that the tiles are pre-blended so we don't have to do that. I also like the fact that the tiles are light weight so there is no problems on reroofs."

Green Roof SystemsWhen discussing the performance of our tiles, Trent Lovewell Of Weatherguard, Inc in Omaha, NE stated, "In Omaha, we love the fact that it is Class 4 because we get a lot of hail - and we don't have to worry about re-roofing our DaVinci projects! I also love the look of DaVinci's composite slate.  I'm also a huge fan of the waffle back of a DaVinci shingle instead of the solid back of some of the competitors.  I know that waffle back makes sure that DaVinci does not bend, curl or warp, so again, I don't have to worry about returning to my DaVinci jobs.  Also, the no fading part of DaVinci is huge - we did the first DaVinci roof in Omaha in 2005 and there is no fading still.  It was the Aberdeen blend.  We also like the thickness."

Are you interested in finding out more about our green roof systems?  One of our customer service representatives can help you learn more.

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