Your DaVinci Roof - From Factory To Installation

DaVinci Slate Eco BlendHave you ever wondered how your DaVinci roof gets to your roof?  Once our green roofing materials are put into pre-collated bundles, they are then put on pallets and are shipped out of our warehouse in Kansas City, KS. 

From our factory, they then travel by truck to your distributor's destination.  Distributors usually have big warehouse facilities where they can store large amounts of roofing material - including no only our eco friendly roof products but also additional needs like underlayments, nails, fasteners, metal sheeting, etc.

Depending on the distributor, your roof may be roof loaded - they use a conveyor belt to bring your DaVinci Roofscapes bundles to the roof and then they set them across the roof - so that the material is conveniently located and ready to go for the roofer.  This method makes it a lot easier and less labor intensive for your roofer.  Other distributors do not have such equipment, and therefore sometimes will deliver the product in your driveway the day before or the day of the roofing job.  Sometimes roofers even pick up the product from the distributor and bring it to the job site themselves.  It simply depends on how your roofer and distributor work it out ahead of time.

If you haven't yet decided on which of our green roof systems that you're interested in, please contact our customer service department with any questions you have.

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