From the Architect’s Corner – AIA 2013

I really enjoyed working at the AIA Expo at the national convention this year. We had some great discussions with architects from all over the country (26 states recorded for literature/sample requests), and overall the show had a good vibe and our polymer slate and shake roof tiles received a warm reception. In case you didn't make it into the expo, I kept tabs of the top 5 frequently asked questions so that I could come back here and share them with you.

  1. What is the product made of? The products are made of 100% virgin polymers, UV stabilizers and thermal stabilizers using the most advanced technology.
  2. What is the fire rating? (if you have spent any time in Colorado recently, sadly this is something everybody is talking about) It is a Class A Fire Rated material. This means that all of the products have passed ASTM E 108. Click here to learn what that means and watch a video of a fire test.  
  3. What colors does it come in? We make 49 standard colors that we mix into our different color blends for slate and shake. You can choose either a standard blend, for example, Brownstone in DaVinci Slate, or you can use our colors to customize your own blend. Click here to access our color tool and find the color blend that works for you.
  4. Is it recyclable? YES! We will take back jobsite waste and repurpose it into our starter tiles. Click here to read more!
  5. Can I see installations in my area? Sure! Click here to email me and request an installation list for your city.

Below you will see the famous Big Blue Bear statue that looks into the Colorado Convention Center.




Happy Friday, Architects. Hope to see you in Chicago next year!

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