Santa’s Reindeer Add DaVinci Polymer Roofing to their Wish Lists

Why should children get the best gifts during the holidays? This year, Santa’s reindeer have started their own “wish list” that includes peppermint-flavored lichen, full-body insulated sweaters and impact-resistant polymer roofing from DaVinci Roofscapes.

“It’s hard on our hoofs to land on millions of slate roofs in a single night,” says Blitzen, spokes-deer for Santa’s nine reindeer. “We have the weight of Santa’s sled filled with toys, to say nothing of Santa’s ever-increasing waistline, to pull through the sky. When we land, the reindeer are looking for durable composite roofing that can really support our weight and be easy on our hoofs!”

At DaVinci, creating impact-resistant composite slate and simulated shake roofing tiles that can withstand strong winds, severe weather and reindeer-landings is a daily occurrence. The earth-bound elves at the Kansas-based company focus on being good all year long and creating reliable sustainable roofing products 365 days a year.

“Last year Rudolph made a mistake and brought the sleigh down too quickly on a shake tile roof that he thought had DaVinci shake shingles,” says Blitzen. “It was ugly. With the weight of the sleigh and Santa aboard, our hooves went right through those darned cedar roof shingles and we had our legs dangling through a living room ceiling. Rudolph won’t make that mistake again!”

While Blitzen and the team can’t depend on rooftop lights to guide their way and identify DaVinci simulated slate roofing and composite shake roofs, the spokes-deer says they have worked out an alternate identification roof method.

“We always know when there’s a DaVinci 50 year roof below us because their colors shine through in the sky,” says Blitzen. “From New York to California, we’ve seen these colorful roofs on homes all across America and we look for them to guide our way. I can’t say it officially on the record, but the European blend of five gray and purple shades is our personal favorite.”

With the introduction of the new Smokey Gray color in January of 2015, DaVinci will offer 50 different colors for their realistic slate and shake alternative roofing tiles. The company’s polymer roof tiles are Class 4 impact rated, making it possible for them to handle severe weather conditions and unscheduled sleigh landings. The roofing tiles have passed the highest rating wind tests, so even if weather conditions are blustery on December 24th, Santa and his reindeer will have no difficulties landing on the secure DaVinci luxury roofs.

It’s not just the reindeer who love synthetic slate roof shingles from DaVinci … Reindeer-Resistant Synthetic Roofing High on Santa’s Wish List!

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