Are DaVinci Tiles Made from Recycled Materials?

Manufactured Slate TileWhen some of the first fake slate products came out on the market many of them were made from recycled materials.

However, during the test and trial process of creating our manufactured slate and shake products, we discovered that the best way to ensure the longevity of our shingles was to use pure virgin resins.

As a result, all of our field tiles, hip and ridge tiles and rake tiles are made from virgin engineered polymer, organic fire retardants and inorganic pigments that are safe for the environment. .

As a way to reduce our carbon footprint and truly produce green roofing materials, we started a recycling program to cut down on waste. Scraps and cuttings from a project may be returned to our plant for recycling, as well as, the tiles after the life expectancy (50 years) of the roof. The tiles will be repurposed into starter tiles keeping waste from the landfill.

Want to learn more about our recycling or why we choose to use 100% pure virgin resin in our tiles? You can check out the blog posts below:


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