Hurricane Season is Just Around the Corner

DaVinci SlateDoes hurricane season find you worrying about your roof? You don’t have to fret so much if you’re using the right types of materials and take the necessary steps to upgrade your roof’s structure. If you live in an area where high winds are an issue, these two factors should be taken into consideration whether you are roofing or retrofitting.

During a hurricane, high speed wind, hail, water and falling debris can damage your roof. Taking steps to ensure that your roof’s truss is adequately built and that (if you have a gabled roof) the appropriate cover vents and bracings are used. The local codes in each state vary where hurricane ready roofs are concerned so getting a qualified contractor to assess the structural outline of your roof can help to prevent unpleasant surprises. Check with your local contractor to get more information about the types of high speed winds and damages that are most common in your area to avoid making the same mistakes.

Many homeowners are now using imitation slate tiles or polymer shakes instead of natural tiles to get longer service life and enhanced structural performance during a hurricane. DaVinci offers composite roof materials that will resist winds of up to 110 mph. Our roofing tiles adhere to the standards of ASTM D 3161 for wind testing and classification. They are also receive Class 4 Impact Rating and Class A or C Fire Rating (with the proper underlayments).

You won’t need to worry about excess roof weight with our materials. With our lightweight roofing materials you can confidently upgrade your roof to get ready for hurricane seasons. If you are building a new home, extra foundations costs caused by a heavy roof are also dispensed with our composite tiles.


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