New DaVinci EcoBlend Colors Provide More Energy-Saving Roof Options

Four newly-introduced color blends for DaVinci EcoBlend roofing tiles give homeowners and roofers more ways to add cool roofs to residential and business structures.

Approved by the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC), EcoBlend shake and slate designer roof tiles reflect heat and emit the sun's energy back into the atmosphere instead of into a structure. They help reduce the cooling load for a building, and, as a result, increase the energy efficiency of the structure.

Looking for another reason to request these green roofing materials? By helping create a cooler roof, EcoBlend tiles contribute to a lower heat island effect in heavily populated areas. This in turn helps reduce a building's carbon footprint.

In compliant with Title 24 requirements in California, the new EcoBlend polymer shake and slate roofs include:

                        – Tahoe-EcoBlend: Light Tahoe, Medium Light Tahoe and Medium Tahoe


                        – Mountain-EcoBlend: Light Mountain, Medium Mountain and Dark Mountain


                        – Brownstone-EcoBlend: Light Brown, Dark Stone and Dark Tan


                        – Slate Gray-EcoBlend: Slate Gray



EcoBlend color blends previously accessible from DaVinci Roofscapes that meet the stringent requirements to receive ENERGY STAR® designations, and still available from the company include:

                        – Weathered Gray-EcoBlend: Light Weathered Gray, Medium Weathered Gray and Dark Weathered Gray


                        – Castle Gray-EcoBlend: Light Gray, Medium Gray and Dark Gray


For more information on EcoBlend products, see Save $$$ With an Eco-Friendly Roof and What is EcoBlend?

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